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Mustafa Amir
S.mustafaamir/St. Mustafa

I am Mustafa Amir. Sheikh Mustafa Amir to be precise. I live in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia. I am one-quarter Arabian (my paternal grandmother hails from an off-shoot of the Juhaynah tribe) and three-quarters South Asian (with my maternal grandparents hailing from the Rajput clans of Shekhawat and Tauni, and my paternal grandfather belonging to the Shaikh sect of Bihar). As a result of the Partition of 1947, a vast majority of my family resides in Pakistan. I was born in London, and as such, have dual citizenship of the United Kingdom and Pakistan.

I am currently in college, doing my A-level course. After which, I wish to pursue a BSc in Media and Business at the University of Sydney. As well as studying, I am also working as a Design Lead for an NGO, and working freelance in photography and film.

On the political scale, I am largely a centrist (tipping slightly towards the right)—that believes while social equality is a right to which everyone is entitled, a certain degree of social hierarchy is necessary to maintain order within a society. I am also a proud monarchist because I believe that provides it for a nonpartisan head of state, separate from the head of government, and thus ensures that the highest representative of the country, at home and internationally, does not represent a particular political party, but all people.