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"I am leaving Conworlds, I hereby give Sartak to you. Take Care."
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posted 989 days ago

Where will you be going? :(

posted 1027 days ago

Women would have no chance in unisex sports. Also Centrist and I so far have been using the real life categories mostly to make things easier.

posted 1027 days ago

For the most part I prefer to follow the organising used by the real life Olympics. Why do you think unisex sports would be good?

posted 1194 days ago

So far it all looks good and I like it. I would be more than happy to help sponsor this Cult of Sartak. Let me know where it is on the map, and I'll get Vespian political history aligned with it for the future. Currently, I need to work from the past and more forward, but once I reach the modern era, then we can start getting the political and military stuff organized.

posted 1196 days ago

I'm totally down with that idea. Give me the details and I'll see what we can work out on that front.

posted 1200 days ago

It's a mixed economic system built around heavy internal trade. Due to the constant warfare between Vespia and the non-Vespian world, its economy was built to be self-sufficient insofar as the Vespians were able to accomplish that. Whatever it can't get locally it important from its old colonies from abroad, such as the Eastern Reaches. The Eastern Reaches is unique in that it serves as the middleman for Vespian export goods and non-Vespian import goods, as neither side will trade with the other. Petrochemicals, electronics, heavy industrial goods, agricultural products, and the like are all produced locally. High technology wares which the Vespians have no access to are imported into the country through the Eastern Reaches. Because of this, the Vespians are able acquire the goods they need to maintain a "closed-loop" economy if you will.

With regards to local economics, as I mentioned before, the bulk of the trade and industry conducted by the Vespians is consumed domestically. Slaves serve as the unskilled labor that all modern economies require to function. Since the Vespians don't import their food from abroad, they need a large agricultural sector to fill the local demand for food, and the labor necessary for that sector is supplied by the slave population. Industrial work which is menial or too dangerous for a citizen but simple enough for a slave is carried out by the slaves. Skilled work which makes up the bulk the economy such as services and industrial management, or academia and the STEM fields, that role is filled by the okumarin caste, who are the commoners. Following the mandatory dukorin training, Vespians choosing to become commoners undergo a four-year training period, assuming a trade or entering a profession such as in medicine, science, and the like. No one is locked into a position for life, and you freely chose the caste and life course you want once the state has trained you in the required combat and educational skills expected of you.

Beyond the obvious need for military equipment for the massive military forces sustained by the government, the rest of the economy functions freely. Citizens may establish businesses without government interference, and can become wealthy if they are successful. It is important to keep in mind that Vespia is a merit-based society, and so long as you pull your weight and know what you're doing, you can live a long and prosperous life within the country. Though the religion is clear that Vespians were created to conquer on behalf of Zhautan, it also makes clear that swords, bows, armor, and ships do not build themselves, and that a civilization is not comprised of its warriors alone. Consequently, a form of laissez faire capitalism was inadvertently instituted via religious tradition rather than direct mandate. So while the Vespian armies are rampaging across the globe, Vespian citizens live a life of relative ease and comfort by our standards. The Vespians understand better than most other people that an army as vast as theirs needs an equally vast economy to fuel it, and as such, they allow their economy to flourish so that their armies may flourish in turn.

I hope this answers the question you had. :D

posted 1336 days ago

North Pereira or South Pereira are open for writing and would be happy to allow one of those to be your project. Edessa is going to the capital region that will mostly be shared among the uses of the project. Although the project is mostly dead. If you need help, just ask!