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Re: Requesting an explanation of this block[edit source]

Hello Doug, I understand your concerns regarding the most recent block. To provide some context, that user in question has engaged in behavior both on-wiki and off-wiki on the wiki's official Discord server over the past year. That user in question has attempted to disrupt a wiki project on this site known as Altverse II and was responsible for a number of "countries" in the project. All users who joined the project acknowledge that their submitted works can be retained, in the context of the project, if they decide to leave the project (for the sake of continuity). This is in accordance with our wiki's policy on authorship policy. That user in question has had a history of withdrawing and rejoining the project that led our administration to initially deny their requests to delete all of their works within Altverse II. However, that user in question sent me messages through the wiki's noticeboard regarding the issue and sent messages to another one of our administrators over through Discord. We decided it was not worth trying to push the issue further and ultimately decided to honor their deletion request. The decision to block was based on a number of factors, namely, the user's history of threatening behavior (personal attacks made on the Discord server), long before this most recent incident, and we had reasonable suspicion and apprehension that such behavior would also spillover onto the wiki itself. I understand if there needs to be more concrete evidence of harassment (as such levied accusations are quite serious matters) on the wiki itself in order to be used as grounds for justified blocks, but this was the rationale and reasoning we opted to enact the punitive action. We will of course, immediately comply with your request and reverse the block if this explanation is not sufficient. Alternatively, we would be more than obliged to provide receipts from Discord if requested (in connection with the wiki). Regards, Sayori.svg centrist16 | Talk | Flag of Conworlds Quality Control.svg | Discord-Logo-Color.svg 00:41, 11 April 2022 (UTC)