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Project Genesis Removal?[edit source]

Hi Viva! Just asking, why was I striked from Project Genesis? I know I have been inactive but I've been just as inactive as other people have been and I am curious as to why the map was modified, removing Hadar as my region and my name was striked through on the project? I still very much intend to update periodically? CnocBride (talk) 18:48, 29 November 2018 (UTC)

San Juan County[edit source]

Hey so I got your message and was wondering what country you're planning on making with it? The demand itself isn't that big and I wouldn't mind hangding it over (it's a small patch of islands after all), but I'd rather ask Andy Irons first since he and I have been working on Astoria together so I want his imput before a final decision can be made. I will get back to you however, but at the moment I will say that I don't mind handing it over and you'll probably get the county and your new North American country. WorldMaker18 (talk)