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This is a meta page for the Vandverse universe and therefore, should be treated as out of character.
Genre Collaborative alternate history
Established 2019
Creator Neesym
Progress Active, ongoing
Contributors See Members section
No. of articles 250+

Vandverse is a collaborative, invite-only worldbuilding project based on the real world with an alternative timeline. The project is dedicated to creating high-quality articles that are enjoyable to read, and to fostering a community of writers.


The Vandverse project is under the direct control of Neesym, who exercises ultimate authority over all matters within the collaborative community. Complying to the rules of Vandverse are necessary to ensure things run smoothly and that everything done is fair and in good faith. Naturally, there must be limitations and regulations on what can or cannot be allowed. By familiarizing yourself with the rules, it'll save the time to prevent any unnecessary personal confrontations, disputes, and headaches. By joining and participating in Vandverse, you are agreeing to abide to the rules and face the disciplinary consequences of any infractions attached to the rules. All prospective members of Vandverse are strongly recommended to talk to Neesym before applying.



Please do not attempt to edit the map on your own. Due to the volatility of the project and community, this map may or may not accurately reflect the true borders and/or countries recognized in the current Vandeverse canon. Consult a Vandverse member for details.

Major Differences

  • 1200-1500s - The Oasisamerica region of North America undergoes a period of urbanization and advancement, leading to the creation of several nation states, such as the Pueblo Empire.
  • 1500s-1600s - The French take a more vested interest in colonization, leading to a more heavily populated series of colonies in North America, which later become multiple French-speaking nations.
  • 1700s - The Constitution Convention fails in the fledgeling United States, leading to the formerly British colonies in the eastern seaboard splitting into several nations.
  • 1800s - South Africa (and much of Africa) is colonized differently, including the survival of many Boer Republics.
  • 2000s - Nuclear Armageddon occurs, leading to a post-apocalyptic future.


The Vandverse conworld will periodically hold contests to encourage the creation of pages on a certain topic. Members of the conworld are encouraged to participate in these friendly competitions.


Former Nations

North America

North America
Nation Dates Capital Population Region Part of Proceeded by Succeeded by Type
Canada 1534- Quebec Canada Kingdom of France
  • New France


Colonial Constitutional Monarchy
Arcadia 1604- Port-Royal Canada Kingdom of France
  • New France
British Canada Colonial Constitutional Monarchy
Louisiana 1682-1793 Mobile (1702–1720)

Biloxi (1720–1722)
Nouvelle-Orléans (after 1722)

American Interior Kingdom of France Kingdom of Louisiana


Colonial Constitutional Monarchy
Dominion of New England 1686-1783 Boston Northeast Atlantic

Kingdom of Great Britain

  • British America

Massachusetts Bay Colony
New Hampshire Colony
Maine Colony
Plymouth Colony
New Rhodes
New Frisia

United States Semi-autonomous colonial dominion
New Frisia 1539-17th Century Moriah Northeast Atlantic Frisia New Netherland Semi-theocratic colonial confederation
New Netherland 1614-1674 New Amsterdam Midatlantic Dutch Republic

Province of New York

Colonial republic
Province of Pennsylvania 1681-1783 Philadelphia Midatlantic Kingdom of Great Britain
  • British America
New Sweden United States Colonial Constitutional Monarchy
Province of Maryland 1632-1783 St. Mary's City (1632–95)

Annapolis (from 1695)

Midatlantic Kingdom of Great Britain
  • British America
United States Colonial Constitutional Monarchy
Province of Virginia 1607-1783 Jamestown (1607–1699)

Williamsburg (from 1699)

American South Kingdom of Great Britain
  • British America
United States Colonial Constitutional Monarchy
New Sweden 1638-18th Century Christina Midatlantic Kingdom of Sweden Province of New York

Province of Pennsylvania
Province of Delaware

Colonial Constitutional Monarchy
Pueblo Empire c. 1360 - 17th Century Łocǫ́lhəo (de facto)

Chaco, Taos

Oasisamerica New Spain Hegemonic military confederation of allied city-states
United States 1776-1789 None Official

New York City (Last)

Kingdom of Great Britain
  • British America

New York
New England

1777-Present Windsor (-1806)


Northeast Atlantic Kingdom of Great Britain
  • British America

United States

Constitutional republic