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Vangaurd logo.png
Editor-in-Chief Prescott Goldfield
Categories News and opinion
Frequency Monthly
Total circulation
Founder Markus Hathaway
Country Northeast Union
Based in Boston, Massachusetts
Language English

Vanguard is an Anglo-American monthly news and opinion magazine published in Boston, Massachusetts. The magazine is mainly based in the Northeast Union, but became widely popular over the years and is now available in other Anglo-American countries such as Brazoria, the United Commonwealth, and the Kingdom of Sierra. It was founded by Markus Hathaway who established much of the magazine's well-known format and style of writing. The magazine covers special interest news, specializing in raising awareness to various issues around the world. The publication does not have a standard of neutrality and on the first page of each issue there is a disclaimer reminding the viewer that all opinions are that of their respective authors.

In 2015 the magazine's circulation was over 1.5 million, making it one of the most circulated magazines from the Boston area. Vanguard is cited as one of the most widely known and popular magazines among Anglo-American conservatives and is called a house-hold name among the region's conservative citizens. The magazine is known for its support for right-wing and conservative candidates across Anglo-America with many going to the magazine in order to get their message out to the general public. In 2017, the magazine garnered attention for its vocal support towards Nemesis Heartwell and its sudden shift towards the alt-right, though the magazine claims it's conservative according to its publishers.

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