Venezuelan Civil War

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Venezuelan Civil War
DateNovember 18th, 2017 - Present


  • Massive FLV gains
  • FARC insurgency resumed
  • Brazil invades a part of southern Venezuela in order to get rid of government forces there and to support its own Opposition group.
  • Rebels capture the city of Barcelona after a 5 month siege.

Flag of Venezuela.svg Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

National Bolivarian Armed Forces
File:PCV logo.png Communist Party of Venezuela
Flag of Cuba.svg Cuban Revolutionary Foreign Volunteer Unit
Other foreign volunteers

Supported by
Flag of China.svg China
Flag of Russia.svg Russia
Flag of Nicaragua.svg Nicaragua
Flag of Turkey.svg Turkey
Flag of Cuba.svg Cuba

Flag of the FARC-EP.svg FARC

Flag of Venezuela (1905-1930).svg Frente de Liberación de Venezuela

Bandera de la Guerra a Muerte.svg Free Venezuelan Army
File:Naval Jack of Venezuela (1930-2006).svg Rogue Naval Vessels
Consejo Nacional Indio de Venezuela.jpeg National Council of Venezuelan Indians
National Salvation Front
Foreign volunteers

Supported by
Flag of Sierra.svg Sierra
Flag of Rainier.svg Rainier
Flag of NATO.svg NATO
Flag of Brazil.svg Brazil (National Salvation Front)

Flag of Tournesol Democratic.png Tourneser Freedom Front

Flag of Venezuela (state).svg Democratic Unity Roundtable

Democratic Action
A New Era
Popular Will
Seal of the Venezuelan Army.png 2nd Infantry Division of the Venezuelan Army

Supported by
Flag of the United Commonwealth.svg Continentalist States

Flag of Colombia.svg Colombia
Commanders and leaders
The Venezuelan Civil War is an ongoing armed conflict in the nation of Venezuela fought between the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, led by President Nicolas Maduro and his allies, and the democratic forces of the FLV (Frente de Liberación de Venezuela).

The civil war began in November 18, 2017 when Government soldiers fired upon a crowd of protestors in Ciudad Bolívar, which caused massive riots throughout the nation that eventually caused the storming of numerous armories along with massive amounts of defections from local police and soldiers, along with defections.

Fighting officially began at midnight November 18, 2017 with the Newly formed Free Venezuelan Army which operated under the Frente de Liberación de Venezuela or FLV for short, along with many other local militias.

China declared support for Nicolas Maduro’s Government the same day fighting began, and immedietly sent troops. This was followed by Nicaragua and Russia which both send a number of troops (though Russia had significantly less due to their commitment to Assad’s regime in Syria). Sierra declared support for the FLV and began flooding weapons and troops to Opposition controlled-territory, this was soon followed by the rest of NATO and Europe (except for Turkey which supported Maduro).

FARC, a Colombian insurgency group, declared their complete support for Maduro’s Government and in return Maduro secretly gave weapons and ammo to the rebels.

At the beginning of 2018, the Democratic Roundtable, a coalition of anti-chavismo and anti-Maduro political parties declared their splitting off from the FLV and quickly took control of the southern part of the country with the newly created Free Democratic Army from the FVA (Free Venezuelan Army) with the support of the United Commonwealth.

The war is currently on going with China committing massive amounts of troops and supplies to Maduro’s government following that up with massive air strikes that mimic that of Russia in Syria.

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