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Voidforms are a species of typically sentient, immortal, amorphic beings that inhabit the void. They are most commonly found inside the void, although most of them can travel to material worlds as well. They originate from highly intelligent mortals (most commonly humans) that ascended in various ways to immortality. While not of infinite power, most voidforms possess abilities, skills and experience that put them above mortals or at the very least differentiate them significantly.


Although naturally amorphic, voidforms can gradually construct their own appearance for the material world and the easiest way of doing so is by copying their mortal appearance to some degree. Due to the phenomenon of information decay, most voidforms eventually develop an appearance out of necessity and in order to maintain their connection to the material world and retain their identity through the course of millennia. Some voidforms do so by imitating the stereotypical depiction of an immaterial being by adopting black and purple colors, which are associated with the void. Even the most powerful voidform can only have a single appearance.


Voidforms are immortal and can't reproduce like mortals do. Instead, they increase their numbers by helping newly ascended voidforms grow inside the void. A voidform can also willingly or unwillingly splinter into multiple entities by fragmenting its power but this results into the original voidform dying. Since they are pure information, voidforms can't die like mortal beings do but can gradually lose their information by staying for too long inside the void, in a phenomenon that is known as information loss. This results to the being slowly losing it's original personality and behavior and to it's eventual death. A voidform can also die if it gets killed in the material world. Extremely powerful voidforms, usually simply known as Gods, can project only a part of their power into the material world and thus avoid death by only letting this part of themselves die. Projection and subsequent loss of large amounts of power can lead into the sudden splintering of the God into lesser beings so this method isn't perfectly safe either.



Notable Individuals