Volubilian Sea

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This article is part of Project Genesis. This article is about the large sea within Ankuria. For the continent that the Volubilian Sea is part of, see Ankuria. For the nations that border the Volubilian Sea, see Eskea and Surresia.
General area which the Volubilian Sea encompasses.

The Volubilian Sea (/woˈluː.bi.li.an/) is a sea in the continent of Ankuria, located in the south of the continent and is a prominent body of water of the continent. To its north is the southernmost tip of Eskea, and to its southeast is Surresia. The Volubilian Sea is tropical and sub-tropical and is mostly devoid of islands, excepting Blekr, TBD, and TBD (excluding small islands). The Volubilian Sea is administrated by Surresia in the southernmost reaches of the sea. This sea is the center of a massive sea trade network. The sea is sheltered by the Surresi Peninsula, Blekr, and TBD.