Wastelands (IE)

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The Wastelands of Irradiated Earth currently consist of several throughout America.

Area Wasteland Description
File:Core Region (IE).png Core Region The New California Republic's primary region. The name itself already states the obvious: this is the most important region of the NCR as well as one of the most populous and organized in the entire world.
File:Mojave Wasteland (IE).png Mojave New Vegas and Hoover Dam are the points of interest here. The dam supplies electricity to the entire region. Recently annexed by the NCR.
File:Midwest Wasteland (IE).png Midwest
File:Northeast Wasteland (IE).png Northeast
File:Capital Wasteland (IE).png Capital Remains of Washington, DC. The Brotherhood of Steel has conquered the territory
File:Southern Wasteland (IE).png Southern
File:Texas Wasteland (IE).png Texas
File:Gulf Coast Wasteland (IE).png Gulf Coast
File:Alaskan Wasteland (IE).png Alaskan