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Wild Cards/Elections

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1st midterm elections (March 5, 2019)

2019 United States elections
Midterm elections
Election day March 5
Incumbent president Deforest Keyes (Republican)
Next Congress 2nd
Senate elections
Overall control Democratic hold
Seats contested 33
Net seat change +8 Republican
File:March Senate election map (Class I).svg
House elections
Overall control Republican gain
Seats contested 435
Popular vote margin Democratic +1.4%
Net seat change Republican +28
Gubernatorial elections
Seats contested 36
Net seat change Democratic +6
File:March gubernatorial election map.svg
     Republican hold      Republican gain
     Democratic hold      Democratic gain

The first midterm elections of the Wild Cards project saw the Republicans take control of the House while the Democrats retain control of the Senate albeit losing 8 seats. The Democrats made far bigger gains in the gubernatorial races, capturing 10 state executives to the Republicans' 4, for a net gain of 6. To the Democrats' disappointment, however, they were unable to come out ahead in California's gubernatorial race, where the polls were neck and neck for most of the campaign. They did manage to take control of Texas for the first time in over a decade, signalling a possible political shift for the Lone Star State. However, losses in Michigan and Pennsylvania have sent Democratic strategists scrambling.

In the Senate races, the Republicans were victorious in California, making that state split in its representation in the upper chamber for the first time in 14 years. The Republicans also snatched seats in Florida, which hosts the closest elections in the nation, Pennsylvania, signalling they have succeeded in picking up the white working class vote, and Maine, a state that has always been more favorable to Republicans given its location in the Democratic stronghold that is the northeast.