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William II of Superior

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 This article is part of Altverse II. This page is for a Superian person in Altverse II. This page is for a Superian politician in Altverse II.
William II
King of Superior, Hanover, Guardian of the Superian People (more...)
King of Superior
Reign October 3, 2015–present
Coronation November 9, 2015
Predecessor Christian I
Heir apparent Prince Henry
Presidents Jennifer Granholm (2015-2022)
Isaac Dillon (2022-)
Born (1975-04-23) April 23, 1975 (age 48)
Heartland Palace, Saint Anthony, Minneapolis, Superior
Consort Isabelle, Queen Consort of Superior
Issue Prince Henry of Lakota
Prince George of Des Moines
Princess Alexandra
Full name
William George Ernst Michael Christian Augustus-Miller
Royal house House of Welfburg
Father Christian I
Mother Evelyn von Habsburg
Religion Lutheranism

William II of Superior (William George Ernst Michael Christian Augustus-Miller; born April 23rd, 1975) is the ninth and incumbent King of Superior, ruling since 2015. The eldest child of Christian I and Evelyn von Habsburg, William succeeded his father on October 3rd, 2015, following his abdication after being diagnosed with lung cancer. As the King of Superior, William is also the titular King of Hanover, though the title is purely a ceremonial claim. William is a member of the House of Welfburg, and is the house's current head.

William was born at Heartland Palace in Saint Anthony to Prince Christian and Princess Evelyn, who at the time were the Duke and Duchess of Two Harbors. William is a descendant of George I, the first monarch of Superior and is a direct descendant of Queen Anna and Prince-Consort Christian, who are the founders of the House of Welfburg, the incumbent royal house of Superior. During his childhood, William was considered a possible heir to the Superian throne, being third in line until his uncle's, Henry II, ascension to the throne in 1992. William later was proclaimed the Prince of Lakota, the title given to the heir to the Superian throne, following the death of his uncle and the ascension of his father, Christian I. As Prince of Lakota, William sponsored and was the patron of numerous charities, giving him the nickname of the "Charity Prince". In 1998, William married Isabelle Carmoux, becoming the second monarch, and first heir to the throne, to marry someone not of noble or royal descent. All three of William's children, Henry (b. 2001), George (b. 2004), and Alexandra (b. 2004) were born during his tenure as Prince of Lakota.

In late 2014, Christian I was diagnosed with stage two lung cancer, and announced his intent to abdicate in order to focus on his health. William officially becamme King of Superior on October 3, 2015, and was coronated at St. Mary Cathedral in Saint Anthony. As monarch of Superior, William has little to no influence in the proceedings of the federal government and national politics, but has overseen the passage of many historical pieces of legislation, including the National Acceptance Act, which legalized same-sex marriages in Superior. William has also overseen one of the most political divisive and turbulent times in Superian history, with the his non-partisan role as the head of state being a unifying factor for many in Superior. As of 2021, William holds an approval rating of 87%, the highest approval rating of any incumbent federal official, and one of the highest approval ratings of any modern Superian monarch, placing behind his grandfather William I.

Early Life and education

William George Ernst Michael Christian Augustus-Miller was born on April 3rd, 1975 to Prince Christian and Evelyn von Habsburg at the medical wing of Heartland Palace in Saint Anthony, Minneapolis. His successful birth was announced to the Superian populace a day later, with celebrations being held all over the kingdom. He is the latest monarch to be born at Heartland Palace. At the time of his birth, William was the third person in-line for the Superian throne, behind his father and uncle, Prince Henry of Lakota. William made his first public appearance three days after his birth, being presented by the royal family on the balcony of Heartland Palace to cheering crowds. William was christened on May 1st, 1975 in Two Harbors, where his parents lived as the Duke and Duchess of Two Harbors. William greww up at the Northern Palace as the eldest child and son of Prince Christian and Evelyn, being the older brother to Prince August and Princess Anna.

At the age of five, William began private tutoring at the Northern Palace, doing so up until his completion of the eighth grade in 1989. In 1990, William began attending Martin Luther Preparatory School, a private Lutheran high school in Two Harbors. William became the first person in the line of succession to attend a "public" educational institution, with royal children before William completing their education through private tutoring at the Heartland Palace. Alongside high school, beginning in 1992, William began receive lessons from both his father on the workings of the monarchy and the federal government after his father became Prince of Lakota following his brother's ascension to the throne. While at Martin Luther Preparatory School, William played on his school's baseball team, playing as both a pitcher and infielder. During his senior year at the school, William was made captain of the team and led it to securing first place in the 1994 Superian Youth Baseball Championships. After graduating from Martin Luther Prep, William began attending the University of Minneapolis, working to obtain a degree in political administration in order to prepare a potential future service to the crown. He graduated from university in 1998.

Prince of Lakota

While still attending Martin Luther Preparatory School, William became Prince of Lakota on December 13th, 1993 after the death of uncle, Henry II, and the ascension of his father to the throne. William was in attendance at his father's coronation, seated in the traditional spot of the Prince of Lakota. Despite security concerns, William continued to attend Martin Luther Preparatory School and later went on to attend the University of Minneapolis. William did not assume the duties and powers of the Prince of Lakota, instead electing to focus on his studies at university before assuming his position. This was a deviation from tradition, as heirs to the Superian throne generally assume the powers of the Princes/Princess of Lakota following their eighteenth birthday. Nevertheless, William still continued to attend royal celebrations, ceremonies, and events in his capacity as the Prince of Lakota. William was granted the powers and responsibilities of the Prince of Lakota following his graduation from the University of Minneapolis in 1998. After his graduation, William moved to the Sioux Palace, which is the traditional residence of the Prince of Lakota. The palace was not occupied by his father, who elected to stay in Two Harbors.

As the Prince of Lakota, William represented the his father, the royal family, and the nation in numerous international and domestic events. As the Prince of Lakota, William became the patron of numerous charities, specifically veteran and children's charities, all around the country. He also provided financial support to up and coming charities, such as the National Associtiation for the Disabled and the Veteran's Wellbeing Association. Due to William's tendency to donate and provide financial assistance to charities, he was given the nickname "Charity Prince" by the media, and was praised for his generosity. During his tenure as Prince of Lakota, William assumed the role of regent a total of three times, in 2001, 2007, and 2011. All three times William became regent was because of the surgeries his father underwent due to respiratory issues. As regent, William assumed little power or responsibilities, as many of the major duties and roles of the Monarch, like signing legislation into law, were left for his father's return. The longest period of time William served as regent was in 2011, where he acted as regent for three weeks as his father recovered from a prolonged surgery.

King of Superior

William II and Queen Isabelle greeting crowds at Heartland Palace shortly after William's coronation (2015).


In early August of 2015, Christian was diagnosed with stage two lung cancer after years of suffering from respiratory issues. In order to focus on improving his health and to allow the monarchy to continue serving its functions without interruption, Christian announced his intentions to abdicate the throne in favor of William on August 18, 2015. His abdication was finalized on October 3, 2015, with Christian's abdication being accepted by an emergency session of parliament and with William assuming the throne. William's coronation occured on November 9th, 2015, being crowned as King William II of Superior, not choosing a different regnal name.

His coronation was attended by a number of foreign royal officials, including his distant relative, the newly-crowned Queen Elizabeth II of the Kingdom of Sierra and her father, the Duke of Cabo, his first cousin once removed John Charles II, the then-Prince and the Princess Wales, the Emperor and Empress of Brazil, the then-Prince Royal and Princess Royal of France, and many other minor royal dignitaries. The coronation was also attended by Vice President TBD of Astoria, Prime Minister Matthew McCarthy of Manitoba, and Chancellor Eva Delaney of Brazoria.


William II at the Coronation of Jean IV in 2019.

As the Monarch of Superior, William is entrusted with a set of powers, duties, and responsibilites that are detailed and protected by the Constitution of Superior. Despite the role of the monarch being a ceremonial head of state, many of the powers entrusted by William are important to the ongoing functions of the Superian federal government. These key powers, known as "Royal Prerogatives", include: the signing of legislation passed by the Parliament of Superior into law, Opening and closing parliament, calling for federal elections at the request of the President of Superior and/or parliament, and the removal of federal officials at the request of the Parliament.

Shortly after becoming monarch, and before his coronation, William presided over his first federal election, occurring on October 6, 2015, exactly three days after his father's abdication. He ceremonially sworn in President Jennifer Granholm on October 18th, 2015. Shortly after his coronation, William was elected President of the Superian Union of Churches on December 1st, 2015. Since George II, every Superian monarch has been elected the president of the Superian Union of Churches, which is a union of Lutheran churches in Superior. On Christmas Eve in 2015, William gave his first royal address to the nation, giving the annual royal Christmas address, that first originated with George III.

On January 2, 2016, William gave his first address to the legislature, speaking and attending the State Opening of Parliament for the first time as the monarch. In his speech, William pledged to "continue to familiarize [himself] with the proceedings of the federal government" and to "ensure the monarchy represents everyone". During the latter half of 2016, William advocated for a number of charities, continuing his work as Prince of Lakota. On Thanksgiving Day in 2016, William became the first monarch to give an Thanksgiving address, a tradition he has continued to follow throughout his reign. He also became the first monarch to give a Christmas address outside of Heartland Palace, speaking at the Northern Palace in Two Harbors.

William II and Queen Isabelle attending the christening of Prince Arthur (2018).

On March 6, 2017, in statement released before the start of the historic diplomatic summit between Superior and its historical rival, the United Commonwealth, William announced that he and the royal family would not attend the summit, citing the intense controversy and opposition to summit in Superior, hoping to uphold the monarchy's reputation as "non-partisan" and "neutral". The federal government released a similar statement supporting the King's decision, despite rumors of opposition from members of the cabinet in the media. In June of 2017, William participated in the Saint Anthony Play Ball children's fundraiser baseball game, playing as a designated hitter for the blue team.

In January of 2018, William was invited to speak at the annual opening of the American Parliament. This was the first and, as of 2022, most recent time William had spoken to the American Parliament, and was the third time a Superian monarch spoke to the transnational legislature, following his father and his uncle. In July of 2018, William was briefly hospitalized after suffering a hip injury while playing baseball. Though the injury was not serious, his injury caused a string of false conspiracy theories, ranging from possible abdication to potential serious medical problems. According to royal insiders, Heartland Palace refused to acknowledge the conspiracies in order to not "fan the flames".

In May of 2019, William was the first monarch to give a speech at a educational institution in over seventy years, speaking at Prince Henry's graduation from the Augustus-Miller School of Learning in Saint Anthony. In his speech, William brought up the fact that he attended the school's historic rival, Martin Luther Preparatory School, and playfully poked fun at the school's sports teams, specifically the school's baseball team. In October of 2019, William and the rest of the royal family was temporarily evacuated after a bomb was set off near the Superian Capitol Building, and attack orchestrated by terrorists.

In March of 2020, William, along with the rest of his immediate family, was placed into self-isolation after they were in contact with the COVID-19 virus. While Queen Isabelle and Prince Henry caught the virus, William and his two younger children did not. As Superior entered its second month of lockdown in April of 2020, William addressed the nation, calling for national unity and resilience against the virus. In May of 2020, William and the royal family released a statement condemning the murder of George Floyd. In January of 2021, William gave his first address to Parliament since the pandemic began, commending the efforts of the federal government in vaccine distribution, but stressed the importance of greater efforts to end the pandemic in Superior. In March of 2021, in order to increase public trust in the COVID-19 vaccine, William, and a few other members of the royal family, were publicly vaccinated. In August of 2021, William attended the wedding of Prince Henry and Julia Gaston, the first royal wedding since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic

William and the royal family were evacuated from Heartland Palace following the 2022 North American terror attacks, reportingly taking shelter somewhere in Dakota. William addressed the nation a day following the 2022 Superian terror attacks, condemning the violence and death and calling for a period of mourning for the victims. William returned to Heartland Palace to cheering crowds on February 22. In July of 2022, William fractured his ankle after falling off of his bicycle. He spent a week recovering from the injury and returned to active duties on July 19.

Personal life

Marriage, family, and interests

While attending the University of Minneapolis, William met and befriend Isabelle Carmoux, eventually beginning a romantic relationship. In 1998, after the two graduated from the University of Minneapolis, the couple was married at St. Mary's Cathedral in a very publicized royal ceremony. The couple had their first child, Prince Henry, in 2001. Henry was the first person in the line of succession not to be born in Heartland Palace in over seventy years. In 2006, the couple had a set of twins, Prince George and Princess Alexandra.

Since childhood, William has been a fan of baseball. Calling himself a "super fan", William enjoys both playing and watching the sport, participating in almost all baseball-related charity events, both as the Prince of Lakota and the Monarch. William has refused to disclose the identity of his favorite team, hoping to stay neutral in the sports world. However, insiders from Heartland Palace have suggested that William's favorite team is the New Hamburg Brewers. William is a dog owner, with the royal family owning a German Shephard, the national canine of Superior, named Kaya. While growing up, William had a English bulldog named Comet.

Title, styles, and honors

Titles and style

  • April 23rd, 1975 - December 13th, 1993: His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Two Harbors
  • December 13th, 1993 - October 3rd, 2015: His Royal Highness the Prince of Lakota
  • October 3rd, 2015 - Present: His Royal Majesty, William II, the King of Superior and of Hanover, Guardian of the Superian People and Head of the House of Welfburg


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