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Highest point
Elevation 3,460 m (11,350 ft)
Prominence 2,144 m (7,034 ft)
Isolation Welitistularawakata
Listing Ultra
Coordinates 76° 17′ 0″ S, 112° 5′ 0″ W 
Translation Death mountain (Ohaxa)
Mountain type Volcano
Last eruption 5550 BCE
First ascent 400 CE
Normal route Yualuxe trail

Xapanatular (literally Death mountain) is a large, snow-covered shield volcanoe in Malimasaaiyatan, Antarctica. It is roughly circular, about 30 km across, and has a caldera up to 8 km wide. At roughly 780 cubic kilometers, it is a large volcano. Its latest eruption occurred 5550 BCE and is classified by the Antarctic government as potentially hazardous and to "proceed with caution". Xapantular has a large cultural significance on the people living on the Welitistularawakata coast, as the volcano is considered holy. After children have reached the age of 14, on December the 2nd the same year, they will wander up Xapantular together with their father. This is a tradition known as Ačikaiuna (lit. birth-trek) and dates back to when Yualuxe the Wise climbed the mountain after he had experienced a revelation. After his revelation, he was a considered a kind and caring man, in contrast to before. Locals around the Welitistularawakata coast interpreted this as proof that Xapanatular had healing powers.