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Yannis Empire (Origo Mundi)

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Yannis Empire

c. -200 - 717
Flag of Yannis
Seal of the Anointed One
and largest city
Common languages Yannian
Yannian Religion
Government Theocratic feudal monarchy
Anointed One  
• c. -10 - 29
Catulaes IV
Historical era Ancient - Classical
• Established
c. -200
• Disestablished
Succeeded by


Classical Era

Beginning around the year 1000 BC the Yannis Empire saw rapid consolidation around the mouth of the Soloney River. It is believed that one of the main monarchs during the early Classical period was Catulaes IV, who left numerous monuments, carvings, and stories around the Yannian region which helped piece together his history. The exact origin of his reign is unknown, however it is estimated that his reign began at least before the year 1010 BC, as it is recorded that in his tenth year of ruling “the sun was slain”, which is believed to be a reference to a solar eclipse around the year 1000. This is further elaborated upon by the historian Calips’na Ryonda the Twinned-Tongue, who also recorded the re-anointing process that occurred as a result, writing:

“The king wore long braids dyed blood red. His body was painted white in chalk, and his eyes covered by the pale bandages. The priests drew the eyes upon his bandages with the blood, and once opened they dripped to his toes. The body of the king known as Visnaphonpa (the king’s father) was laid out on the shores of the river, alongside the chained slave man, both secured with two chains. The king grabs their chains and drags both men into the water with him until all three are submerged, and the river runs white. The Hydra Mother (a sort of underwater deity) takes the chained man (euphemism for drowns), and a spirit is paid for the king. The dead king’s face is covered with 1000 flowers (invoking the deity of Yetelonephes who is depicted with endless faces).”

It is likely that Catulaes IV was responsible for the city’s first major act of foreign expansion, which was likely the conquest of the lowland of Casphe’tenan, the region between the city of Ya’gothna-Vis in the east and the Bosnatonda River in the west. Although the areas was subjugated quickly, a revolt occurred less than a decade later, which disrupted Yannian rule over the region.

At the same time the Yannians also attempted to conquer the people to the east in the Gon’hanphan Delta, which was occupied by what the Yannians called the “Burned Men”.


List of Rulers

  • Catulaes IV (c. 1010 - 971 BC)
  • Oaximayalus (c. 971 - Present)


Province Date Created Capital Largest City Population Other Cities
Capital Region c. 992 BC Ya’gothna-Vis Ya’gothna-Vis
Casphe’tenan c. 981 BC Coroyamul Calak’tikpan Q’amnaktan
Bissogavi c. 955 BC Oaximayal Oaximayal
Xbalan c. 952 BC
Hosho’nantec c. 975 BC Ninoda-Vis Hasneyaganda
Gon’hanphan c. 960 BC Sinsedel’locnon Yuyshan, Kuscisiwa, Qinucna
Jilotepetec c. 950 BC