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Yedisani Socialist Party

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Yedisani Socialist Party
Йедишани Сocиaлicк Пaртıcı
Yedişani Sosyalisk Partısı
Leader Halykberdi Mukhamedov
Founded December 14st 1989
Preceded by Communist Labour Party of Yedisan
Youth wing Socialist Pioneer Youth
Ideology Social democracy
Political position Centre-left
International affiliation Progressive Alliance
European affiliation Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats
Official colours Red
Seats in the National Assembly
23 / 105
Provincial assembly seats
96 / 467
Municipalities seats
177 / 1,245

The Yedisani Socialist Party (Yedisani: Йедишани Сocиaлicк Пaртıcı; Yedişani Sosyalisk Partısı) is a post-communist political party in Yedisan. It currently forms the main parliamentary opposition to the Yedisani government.

The successor of the former ruling Communist Labour Party of Yedisan the YSP was formed as a centre-left, social democratic successor to the CLPY. It gained power in 1993 under Raşit Tajiyeva where it continued economic reform started by the preceding Democratic party government. The YSP subsequently was dismissed from office following the "Slavic Spring" which saw hundreds of Yedisani's massacred in the breakaway Republic of Kryve. The YSP returned to power in 2003 under Saparmamed Hallyýew. Hallyýew's government implemented a wide programme of economic liberalism and pro-western reforms, joining NATO in 2009 and attempting to make Yedisan join the European Union by 2020. However Hallyýew's increasingly autocratic direction - such as an attempt to change the constitution - led to the YSP to be defeated in the 2011 elections by the centre-right Democratic Justice Party.

The YSP is seen as a social democratic, pro-European party. The YSP is a member of the Progressive Alliance and an associate member of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats.